lunedì 14 marzo 2016

Addio a Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Il compositore inglese, nato a Salford l'8 settembre del 1934, è scomparso oggi

«Max was a truly unique musician. A remarkable composer who created music theatre works of searing power, great symphonies, intense chamber music, works of truly universal popularity. A fierce fighter for music in the community and in education, and on environmental issues. 

And a man of invincible integrity, a true friend and a teller of truth to power. He lived in the world, even though he seemed far away in Hoy or in Sanday, and he put his beliefs into action. He loved life – and particularly the food and culture of Italy. The last years, even when battling against the leukaemia which came on him so suddenly, were an Indian Summer of wonderful, richly imagined works.»

Sally Groves
Former Creative Director, Schott Music Ltd.; and close friend